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Hello My Story! My name is Dr. Crystal Lewis. I am a motivational speaker, author, and mentor with a mission to inspire & impart strategies to overcome mental obstacles and fully walk in the destiny God has in store. I love to writing as a result I recently authored my book, “The Diamond Formation,” where I discuss the difficulties in my life that brought so much joy in the end and what tools we can apply to move beyond the challenges life presents.

The highest point in my life would have to be the day I graduated with my PhD! I was walking down the aisle about to be hooded by my Advisor there were so many emotions taking place. By this point my journal articles were approved and I received many awards for the research that gave me so much pain! It was a day of praise to God for the victory that He won! My heart was filled with gratitude and joy knowing that God is truly who He says He is. A waymaker and a miracle worker! The lowest point of my life took place in my third year of graduate school. In my book, I mention a time where I was under a lot of psychological pressure. I was constantly being told that my communication skills were horrible, that I wasn’t a good writer, and I should just give up and finish with my Master’s. My spirit was being weakened due to the negative criticism on a daily basis. So by the time I broke a $500,000 microscope, I felt as though God had truly let me down. I had been trying to fight feelings of depression for a while, though I cried every Sunday night at the thought of going to school the following Monday morning. But the day I broke the microscope, I felt that I broke mentally as well. In that moment, I said out loud "Life would be better than this" and instantly my body began to cringe. I've had many turning point experiences in my life, but one that remains most prominent was the day I realized I couldn't attend medical school due to low MCAT scores. While I was at an internship at Ohio State University, I had a dream. In the dream, I was in the Provost's office where he told me that I wasn't accepted into the medical program. When I asked him why he said that my MCAT scores were too low. The next day, I would receive my MCAT scores and indeed it was low scores. It was a turning point because it led me to explore PhD programs in Chemistry. At this point, I was developing a love for this area of science and ultimately it would lead me to work for the cosmetic industry. There are so many influential people who have inspired me so it's certainly hard to pick only one. Women such as my mother, Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama and Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts have all been very influential role models. By far my mentor Tera Carissa Hodges who provided me with so many key strategies that helped me solidify my vision and ultimately publish my book has played a huge role in my life. I've learned that life may not go as planned, but as long as God is in control His plans will far surpass even your dreams for yourself. I'm learning to trust Him even when I can't seem to trace his footsteps. I'm most proud of my book "The Diamond Formation" as it has provided healing for myself and others. It is a testament to God and how challenges have made me stronger as the Diamond God has called us to be. What motivates me is my passion for individuals finding their purpose and living out that purpose. When you are in alignment with what God has called you to do, it will have struggles but it also brings unspeakable joy! Run your race, don’t look to the left or to the right. Silence your inner critic and speak up if need be. Don’t use the energy you have to focus on negative situations. In my experience, the more I focused on the negative the more frequent negative circumstances became. The more positive I became, the more my life reflected that change. In terms of my career background, I have a PhD in Inorganic Chemistry and currently work as a Formulation Scientist for a personal care company in Massachusetts. I've also co-founded the movement God's Investors that is geared to helping young men and women to have a deeper relationship with God through blog writing.

Right now I will be hosting a Prayer Conference for the women in the New England region (The Verve Hotel Natick, MA) this year. It is our goal to come and petition to our Father believing that by His power all bondage and strongholds are broken! If you would like to join us you can register you can on my website.

website at

facebook: www.facebook/DrCSLewis

My Twitter @DrCSLewis

Instagram @ms_cslewis Thank you for inviting me to share my story on your platform! This interview has reawakened my vision to inspire men and women to pursue their dreams and live their life as God intended for them.

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