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MY STORY: Jalisia Boxill



PLEASE BRIEFLY INTRODUCE YOURSELF, SO THE READERS CAN GET TO KNOW YOU? * My name is Jalisia Boxill, Barbados based, Jesus lover, with a passion for seeing women walk into the fullness of the purpose of God for their lives. Single until God opens the doors of marriage and no children as yet. Founder & CEO of Girls Night Out Empowerment a space for women and girl to come together to ignite Purpose, Dreams and Faith.

HIGH POINT * Immediately what comes to my mind is the day that I received the infilling of the Holy Spirit and spoke in unknown tongues. I was at a deliverance service at the church I grew up in, a small church on the corner road in the beautiful island of Barbados, a Prophetess from Trinidad was hosting a deliverance service there and while she was praying for me; I heard the voice of the Lord speaking inside of me in a language I didn't know, she said to me I know you can hear him speaking to you, you've been watching me for the whole night, you desire the Holy Spirit very bad, repeat what you are hearing, upon hearing her confirm that I wasn't going crazy, all the fear of sounding stupid if I try to repeat what I am hearing left my mind, my tongue was loosed, I began to speak like if this was my second language. It was the most thrilling, liberating, joyous experience of my life. The fact that the Holy Spirit was in me, I heard him, he spoke through me. Wow! I was around 16 or 17 at the time.

LOW POINT * At 19, I moved out from under my Mother's roof and became rebellious, this was the lowest my life sunk, I grew up in church and loved the things of the Lord but they were just some things in my life I couldn't understand. The lack of understanding the call of God on my life coupled with struggling with the spirit of rejection. I grew up in a fatherless home and the void of not having my earthly dad really wounded me. I was angry with God because my life seemed to be way more harder than it should of been. I ended up in abusive relationships, partying, drinking, mistreating my body. Searching for a love that I could only find in God. It was not easy for me to trust people or open up to them, imagine the mess I felt on the inside. I felt like I was not worthy of love and so began the downward spiral.

TURNING POINT * Let me tell you something: when the hand of God is on your life, it is on your life and there is nothing that you can do to change it. I completely misunderstood the power of a praying mother, while I was out being rebellious my mom was praying all along. See, I was the child she offered to God, the first fruit, I was a tithe unto God so whether I liked it or not the plan of God for my life HAD to come forth. At age 21 I fell into a downward spiral, I was depressed, suicidal, sickness was attacking my body, the pain was becoming worse, I knew that the life I was living was not the answer, I was so broken, I called my mom in tears, attended a prayer meeting the following week and re-committed my life to God.

WHO WAS THE MOST INFLUENTIAL PERSON IN YOUR LIFE? * My mother because she's always been a fervent woman of prayer. She raised me to know God for myself. A saying I will pass on to my children.


You can never run from the call of God on your life, its always best to surrender. I kept running and running and running. This is just part of my testimony a testament of answering the call of God on my life though unorthodox call. This is why I am so passionate to help women like myself, find a safe space to discover and understand purpose. And why I keep highlighting you can never run from the call of God on your life. His orchestrated plan will manifest. It's easier when you surrender.

WHAT ARE YOU MOST PROUDEST OF ? * I boast in the fact that I am finally living in a state of peace. When you've passed through many trouble waters and couldn't seem to find your way out, through the discovery of peace becomes the proudest, most precious and dearest thing to you. All I am and have is because of God. The ability to dream, laugh, and love again is a testament of the power of God. I am full of hope and it is all because of God.


The word of God is my biggest motivation. Keeping my thoughts in alignment to the truth of God's word. Practicing and living by the word. Yes, the word of God on a whole. I cannot stress enough how knowing God's word has kept me and delivered me.

WHAT WISDOM WOULD YOU LIKE TO OFFER AS A SURVIVAL MAP TO OTHER WOMEN? What the enemy means for evil God will turn around for your good. This has been the constant reminder in my life, though you may not understand the pain you feel right now, know that there is deep revelation in your pain and it will be healing for someone else. Your cross may feel heavy right now but in the end it will bring about hope and freedom to many.


My life has took me to the place of coaching women so I have founded the platform Girls' Night Out Empowerment to do just that. This is my main focus right now as God unearths many other things, I see how all will be useful and contribute tremendously to the work that I will do with women. I deeply want to help women learn how to navigate their own unorthodox paths. 

DO YOU HAVE ANY PRESENT OR FUTURE PROJECTS? We are currently planning our Annual Dream Again Conference for the end of 2020. This conference will help women to ignite lost dreams, experience the healing power of God, birth new ideas and learn how to warfare over your God-given dreams. I am a firm believer that destiny requires training and a safe space. They are many women who still don't understand or know how to turn their mess into a message and I want to do my part in helping women break barriers to reach destiny.


Instagram: @girlsnightoutinc @jalisiaboxill


LASTING THOUGHTS ? My life has encountered many dark roads, so I don't fully shed light on but it was indeed liberating to share with you. I believe we need more spaces where we can highlight the healing power of God, speak boldly about all he's done for us especially on social media and just Have unashamed to share our truth. Thank you for allowing me to share a part of my story. #MYSTORYTHEMAGAZINE #REVAHART #POWER #EMPOWER #TESTIMONY #WOMENINSPIRTATION #INTERVIEWS #WOMENBLOG #BLOGGER

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