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Updated: Apr 13, 2020


A Few as example: are you married, happily single, children, what type of job, or ministry you have? I am Michele Rucker, wife, mother, grandmother and an ordained Apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ. I was born and raised in Philadelphia. I came to Atlanta through a divine move of God. I currenting serve alongside my husband, Pastor David Rucker, at Dancing on the Promise Ministries International, Inc. of Stone Mountain, GA. We have been serving in the fields for over 20 years.


Please describe a moment in your life that stands out as an especially positive experience. describe in detail what happened, when, where, who, and how? what was your thinking and feeling? In 1999, after ministering in dance for the Women’s conference, the Lord spoke to me right in the mist of service. He said, “You are going to open a school of liturgical dance. You are going to lay the foundation of MY word in relation to dance. You will raise up mighty worshiping warriors.” I said back to Him in my spirit, they don’t know me. Who is going to come? He responded, “Just open the school, I will send them.” In 2001, Dancing on the Promise Ministries International Inc. was launched. And the Lord did send them. Over the years in the leadership, I was blessed to cross the paths and get under the leadership of great Apostolic voices. Their wisdom and teaching gave me greater understanding of my mandate. They laid hands on me. I humbly serve as Apostle Michele Rucker with my husband, Pastor David Rucker. Twenty-one years later, Dancing on the Promise Ministries International, Inc. has commissioned great warriors for the Kingdom of God. The Empowerment Center has celebrated eleven years of service in the Kingdom of God. At first, we thought are focus would be the Arts however, we have graduated, educated and empowered word-driven Kingdom citizens of the Arts and Ministry. The Empowerment Center had its humble beginnings in the Ministry of Dance but, it has now gone beyond the dance to taking you into destiny. This is nothing more rewarding than seeing people walk out their destinies.


Please tell us about a time you didn't know if you would make it. Please describe in detail what happened, when, where, who, and how? etc: I had been serving in ministry for about ten years. And I was married to my childhood sweetheart and father of my children. The warfare was intense in my marriage and ministry. The brightest part in this season was the children. They brought me such joy. My husband was fighting his own demons which kept him out of lives at times. His shenanigans caused us to be without many times. And I struggled with this covenant of marriage. I had finally got to a point when I wanted to walk away. But God! He said in a loud, audible voice, “There will be no divorce!” I fell to my knees and cried for hours. On top of the warfare in my marriage, I was experience warfare in ministry. I had to deal with betrayal, accusations and rejection. I couldn't understand why I was going through this with people I have served along side for so long. I gave nothing but love to them. I stayed out of petty conversations and situations because I did not want to damage my witness. But yet, as Christ, I suffered anyway. The burdens of marriage and ministry were too heavy. I just wanted to give up. But the Lord reminded me of His precious promises. Each day His Word strengthened me. The ministry of Intercession burned in my belly. I begin to intercede through prayer and dance for my husband and those whom I was hurt by. The more I went to God in prayer about them, He lightened the burden. I did not waiver at the promises of God but was strengthened, giving glory to God, knowing that He that promised was able to perform it (Romans 4:20-21 paraphrased). In the time that passed, my husband was delivered and our marriage restored. The hurt of betrayal and rejection was healed. The sting of all no longer was felt.


Please describe the moment in your life that life made a turning point? describe in detail what happened, when, where, who, and how? etc; After the struggle of many years, my life made a big turn at the point when our covenant of marriage was restored and then my husband joined me in ministry. It felt like overnight we stepped into a new season of provision and joy. We were able to travel together, which we were not able to do before. We were making strides to become debt free. We were enjoying life and each other. The ministry was moving on a new level of anointing. God was blowing our minds. Dancing on the Promise launched several other ministries and program to serve the communities of the Atlanta Metro area. The MAR Ministries Inc., which is strictly for women; educates, empowers and coaches into divine purpose. And Story, Guidance and Inspiration Productions, under the direction of my husband, David Rucker III, producing anointed plays that carry powerful messages to transform lives.


Please describe in details? Through my life experiences, I found out who I was and the strength that lies within me. My destiny as an intercessor, a builder and teacher were revealed. The word was made flesh when it said that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. But most of all, I learned that love is a more excellent way.


what would you offer as a survival map for other woman like yourself?

The best counsel I can give women for survival is find your identity in Christ. When you know who you are in Him, you will not find yourself entangled in the tricks of the enemy. You need to experience God as your father, as your husband, as your healer and as your deliverer. When you experience Him on those levels, you will not be disappointed when man does not rise to those levels. God is your all sufficiency. You need to be like Mary and stay at the feet of Jesus. Ask Him before you do anything. You must have the disciplines of prayer, fasting and His Word for a victorious life.


Please explain in detail? My motivations are, first, to make my Heavenly Father proud, then reading His Word. My husband, who is my biggest cheerleader. My children and grandchildren that bring me much joy. Finally, DOP, which is my passion.

DO YOU HAVE ANY PRESENT OR FUTURE PROJECTS?1 response We have exciting events on calendar for 2020. The Empowerment Center has started its 2020 School Year. The MAR Ministries has a powerful women’s gathering, “BREATHE” scheduled for April. And then we have our annual Prophetic Summit in September, this year in Hilton Head, SC. We are going “Back to School”. That is this year’s theme. We will be commissioning some more ministers into the Five-fold ministry. Also, I will be starting a 6-month Mentoring Program in June called , "The Pursuit".


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REFLECTION While I was in the midst of this interview, I realized it had been a long time since I told my story. I really have a story to tell. The truth of God's word was truly evident in my life. I need to finish my book. Thank you for the opportunity to reflect on His goodness, provision and mercy. The best thing I can leave any woman with is, stay at the feet of Jesus. All you need is there. When you lose sight of Him, you lose sight of life.


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