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Updated: Jun 3, 2020



My name is Shalon Barnett. I am a reinvention specialist, inspirational speaker, and an author. I help women transition from hopeless to hopeful through renewing your mind, transforming your life, and living your purpose. I am co-owner of a retail pharmacy. I am married with four children and I enjoy living a purposeful life.

My high point in life is this very moment. I truly understand the scripture Jeremiah 29:11. Thirteen years ago, when I was accused of a crime and arrested in the public eye. I lost all my material possessions, but I did not lose my life. I truly wanted to give up, but I had a snapshot of what my life could be and I trusted God to mend all my broken pieces. I am so grateful that I have a God that loves me so much that although I felt alone he showed me signs along the way that he was there.

Several years ago I found myself in a low place. I had recently been accused of a fraud and arrested in a public way. When my mugshot ended up on the local news channel I just knew I could not survive that. I was from a very small town and all it took was one person to see and it and then it was the talk of the town. That happened in that order. All my insecurities that I was masking with fancy clothes and shoes came to the surface and I was left to deal with on my own at least I thought. I remember choosing the day I would end my life and being so sure that it was no other way. As I sat on the floor with tears streaming my face, my eyes full of water I saw plain as day a vision of myself standing a stage. As I saw the people I realized I had a child I would leave behind if I went through such selfish act, but I also saw God’s face showing me a glimpse of my purpose.

The turning point believe it or not was when I spent 19 days in jail. At first I thought it would be a quick in and out. I was use to that. I realized I had been so busy trying to create a life I desired that I never once sat down to really consult my maker. For the first time I was not in control of the situation therefore it forced me to learn some valuable lessons. While learning the lessons I was able to really see myself. My real self. My flaws, my mistakes, my decisions, and most importantly my character. That was the beginning of my journey to make some real lasting changes in my life.

I have a few influential people in my life that have guided me through the early chapters of my life story, my son has to the greatest influence. He gave me hope when I could not see it for myself.

That every situation I found myself in that I was the root cause. We all have choices and there comes consequences from the choices we make. So when life seemed extremely hard it was a decision somewhere down the line I made to get me that hardship.

How God turned my pain into purpose to help other women thrive through giving them hope and providing housing. God preserved me for purpose.

What are your motivations:

My children.

Map of survival:

Renew your mind, Transform your life, and Live your Purpose.

I have a Non-profit organization named Shalon’s Hope where I provide residential services to women in transition.

Do you have any present or future projects?

I have a quarterly luncheon called “Platform for Hope” where I provide a platform for women to share their stories of Hope.

How can we connect with you on social media?

FB: shalonbarnett

Instagram: @shalonbarnett

Linkedin: shalonbarnett

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