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Updated: Jun 3, 2020



PLEASE BRIEFLY INTRODUCE YOURSELF, SO THE READERS CAN GET TO KNOW YOU? * Hi I’m Shanetta a Mom of 3 boys I’ve been a Nurse for 23 years. I’m a CEO/Founder of Justice Strong Sista’s an Organization for Abused Women! I personally go out in the Community and give back feed the homeless etc. I am a Survivor of Domestic Violence myself I’m happily in love with myself & on my healing Journey

HIGH POINT * Some may think it’s not a achievement but to me it is. Having the courage after 20 plus years to break my silence of being Molested at the age of 12 years old was the most Life changing moment in my entire life. In Dec 2018 I could not hide it anymore and I was fed up with taking my pain and anger out on the people around me!! So I can remember it like the back of my hand My Aunt felt it was something going wrong with me and she asked “Baby what is really going on with you” And that night my Life changed! I told her a family member had molested me when I was 12. It was definitely breathtaking I didn’t want to tell or hurt anyone but I had been living in Pain for way too long since I was a child I’m now an adult with kids of my own and I want to live life without this secret being held over my head. So now I am a Survivor of Child Molestation and Domestic Violence This was a very difficult time in my life my body changed my mind and soul It was definitely trying for me and my kids But God blessed me with the strength to be able to stand strong in the midst of a Storm! And my Storm has turned into Victory. God said be patient and I am this healing journey Isn’t pretty but for damn sure worth the peace & mind!! Along the way I’ve met an awesome handsome guy he came into my life when I was going through a very bad breakup with my ex fiancé and I was stressed out my health was bad and he was there for me since day one when my car broke down! He never turned his back on me. My oldest son we have become so much closer we talk about everything he has really grown into a Young Respectful Man He makes sure his mom is alright. I’ve gained more confidence and trust with myself my relationship with my kids is phenomenal. So even threw the bad things I’ve gained I’m a CEO/Founder of an Organization I’m a Business Owner Of course I still work but I enjoy my life I love who I am Right now!

LOW POINT * When me and my kids had to live in a shelter I was married at the time and things got rough and hard for us both. I literally thought to myself how are u go live in a shelter with your kids but I did it and don’t regret it at all. We lived in a shelter for about 4 months I worked my butt off I had a 12 hour job and a 8 hour job I was tired all the time but I kept pushing for my kids to make sure every dollar was saved to find us a home! Living in a shelter was one of the most horrible things to be forced to live in It’s rules it’s crazy people it’s drug addicts all around your kids. I’m blessed to have had my husband cause he kept them safe when I wasn’t able to He would have to sleep in the floor with them because they didn’t allow the kids to sleep in his room talk about dedication and Love. We had our ups & downs but that Man rest his soul in peace he held us down the best way he knew how!

TURNING POINT * I came out publicly about being molested in December of 2018 I started a Facebook group and when I seen the response to these women stories I said I would never let another women as long as I live think she is Alone! So me helping other women with getting their life together or giving them encouragement to Survive and just to be able to hold their hand through tough times was a eye opener for me I said to myself it’s time to change your perspective of life right now! And I did just that



To have a Voice and Believe & Love yourself First

WHAT ARE YOU MOST PROUDEST OF ? * My Accomplishments of becoming a Business Woman And changing Women Lives from them hearing my Story

WHAT ARE YOUR MOTIVATIONS? * I think back on my Struggle and where I’m at know I push myself and even when I am getting depressed the Love my kids and significant other gives me they pull me right back together as a team they love me and I love them


To always be True to yourself! Love and Respect the person that is looking at you back in the mirror! Stand Strong in the midst of a Storm lean on God for understanding with any situation that may come your way! You have a Voice use it wisely

WHAT IS YOUR PROFESSION OR BUSINESS AND WHY? * I’m a Women’s Advocate for Domestic Violence Survivors I didn’t choose to do this like I choose Nursing this Passion is something that came naturally and I didn’t know I had such a strong feelings about it until I wasn’t silent anymore

DO YOU HAVE ANY PRESENT OR FUTURE PROJECTS? * I’m writing a book about my healing Journey! I am also looking forward to starting a Foundation for kids without Dads My boys father has passed away I know all to well how it is for a single parent

HOW CAN WE CONNECT WITH YOU ON SOCIAL MEDIA? * Instagram- @msjustice.sis Instagram business @jsista329

Facebook business @Justice JQueen


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