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Updated: Jun 3, 2020



Hi my name is Shonnell Pleshette. I’m the owner of Wisedominion Professional Coaching. Which specializes in Personal, Interpersonal, Wellness, Beauty and Business coaching. I started my coaching business in August of 2018 with one goal in mind, to help as many people as I could in as many areas as I could. I was Born in Los Angeles California, South Central to be exact. Growing up in the Hood wasn’t always pleasant, and 1988 proved to be the worse year ever.  When I was about 8 years old, my Aunt (18) went to the store, and that was the last time we saw her. She never returned home to the room we shared at my grandparents house. After her disappearance life wasn’t the same. Of course, being the youngest the over-protection levels went ALL the way up. And sadness and depression became a family theme.

I couldn’t leave the house without everyone acting as if I would never return. So, as a teenager I completely rebelled. Drugs, drinking and the streets became my solution, until my son was born, my saving grace. God knew exactly how to get me back on track, We were good, but by 2010 we would  receive a call that would bring everything to a head. That year we found out a serial killer dubbed the "Grimm Sleeper" was responsible for the disappearance of my Aunt. My family went from over 20 years with no answers to 6 more years of waiting, three and a half months of trial, and one day of jury deliberation, for her killer to be sentenced to death on August 10th, 2016 – about 27 years after my Aunt Alicia was murdered. This traumatic event, the pressure it caused and it's lengthy process had left me with a choice to make. I could allow this situation to completely break me or make me. I wasn’t about to let it break me so what would it make me? I could only attend a few of the hearings. No one knew but I was slowly losing my mind. I was angry. The wounds, the hurt, the abandonment, the loss, it all came back. I didn’t understand. I was happy he was caught but sad I was now re-living the 80 ’s all over again, or so it seemed. I had shut down, my personal life was a shamble and unforgiveness seemed the easiest choice.

Naturally my family wanted the maximum punishment, but here I was asking myself why don’t I feel like everyone else does? Am I wrong for not feeling how they feel? The disappearance, and murder of my aunt coupled with the capture and sentence of her killer pressed me. All I could think was how do I forgive this man? How do you forgive someone like this? Hes murdered countless others too, we weren’t the only family suffering. I questioned everything. Gods love, His grace, mercy etc. Can a person really truly help others with unforgiveness in their heart? Could I? How can I work with people if I don’t trust them? Only God could help me navigate this because at this point the enemy had come through like a tornado and nothing was making sense anymore. It wasn’t until God sent a word reminding me that my purpose hadn’t changed. Circumstances did but not my assignment which was to create opportunity for change.

All of a sudden God had become so tangible to me. All those years of pain positioned me right at his feet and I went from being torn to being healed and ignited to turn my pain into purpose. Birthing my coaching business after all that was hard labor and there is still much work to do. Did/Do I forgive my Aunts killer? YES, you may say well I don’t believe it’s that easy to just forgive someone like that, and you’re correct. It wasn’t easy, But when you’ve been forgiven much it teaches how to forgive much. Plus my story isn’t about things being easy or happening over night. You’ll probably meet a lot of people in this life who will testify about how much God has given them, but today my testimony is simple, God brought me through the roughest times in my life, He gave me value and showed me the best route to personal success and healing lies in ones ability to seek Him for themselves. He's given me a lot but to know Him and Him to know me is worth so much more. I also learned the importance of not allowing His word  and instructions to become cliché. I could give you a list of about 100 steps to “happiness” but honestly for me there was and is only one way to true joy healing and forgiveness and that’s through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.



Instagram: @wisedominion


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