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Updated: Apr 12, 2020


Hello. I am Tiffany S. Logan. I am a wife, mother of three, an author, an entrepreneur, and most importantly a Jesus girl. I am passionate about family and an advocate of healthy communication.

Growing up as an only child, I swiftly discovered independence. I entertained a huge imagination and I was full of boldness.

I was born with a birth mark over my right eye and because of this, at an early age, my mother instilled confidence within me.

At 6 or 7 years old on a cloudy day, I recall sitting beside my mother at a Sunday morning service. After the benediction, a model-like lady who also had a facial birth mark, recommended to my mother that she apply concealer and foundation to my face to cover my birth mark. My mother told her no.

Hence forth, I knew that I was different and that it is ok to be so.

Despite the instilled confidence, as I became an adult, I found myself angry due to traumatic experiences from growing up and I had a desire to please people instead of a desire to learn and to become who I was created to be.

By the age of 23, I was divorced with 2 young children. I was bitter and somehow, I had to muster enough courage to overcome the guilt and shame. I had to discover who I really was and how to reconstruct my life.

Well, I was able to do just that, and I remarried.

Yet, I never knew that years later, my family and I would go on a long journey that would include burying 2 children, a miscarriage, failed businesses, unexplained medical diagnosis in children, facing homelessness 4 times and so much more.

I can remember one morning waking up to suicidal thoughts and later that day I learned that my husband had identical thoughts around the same timeframe.

The little girl, who is an only child, who was confident, who dreamed big, yeah that girl, ME no longer existed.

After the grief, hurts, pains, tragedies, and setbacks, I somehow became a stranger to myself.

My heart became hard and I’d lost every ounce of my identity. Yet, I was forced to look beyond the surface of past luxuries of life and dig deep to discover the girl behind the designer bags, heels, lashes, leather heated seats and more.

In 2015, I thought I must do something. I know that there is life deep down inside of me and losing has never been an option for me, but I no longer knew how to win.

I remember having a “what if” conversation with a close friend of mine. I said, “what if?” She said back to me, “then you will start again, you are resilient at that.”

Nevertheless, that was then, and in that present time, I’d lost that resilience. I could no longer rebuild, because hurricanes, tsunamis, tornadoes, sleet, and rain (the storms of life) kept taking me out.

So, I found myself enrolling in my first mentoring programming. I spent 10 months pouring out my life to my then mentor. I would sit in her office and talk for an hour at a time, always coming out with an action step. This was a turning point for me.

Now years later, I am still being mentored and coached. I’ve gained my femininity and confidence back.

I’ve spent the past 2 years learning how to become a woman, all over again. Learning how to be soft and somehow, I found through all of that, that healthy communication is a must. Oh, and guess what? I can now DREAM again!

If I could leave 3 things with you that I now know that I did not know then they would be:

How you feel matters. Do not hide your emotions. Learn who you can go to for support.

You are not defined by your circumstances. You define who you are by getting up everyday and by taking another step forward.

God is a good Father. He cares and He loves you. He created you for purpose beyond what is seen in the immediate.

Love you all,




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