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Updated: Feb 17, 2020



Tiffany Mensah is a woman of great faith, wife, bonus mom, youngest daughter of four, sister,

marketing maven, friend, and budding author. I currently work as a Marketing Project Manager in Corporate America by day while spending my night hours working on my boutique Creative Consulting Agency, Mensah and Co.

I grew up in what I thought was a pretty loving home until I saw my father hit my mother at the age of seven years old for the first time. It was a consistent image that would be ever-present in front of me until I was 17 years old when my mom got the courage to get a divorce and be free from abuse. However, between the ages of 7-17 years old, my mom left my father a total of eight times before walking away. It was during those times she would flee for safety that the caregivers counted me out. They didn’t know how to connect with a child who had been the witness of Domestic Violence, and who had been removed from her home, her safety net, other siblings, so they counted me out and treated my mom with more empathy than me. It was these experiences that laid seed in my soul to act out as a cry for help.

Having endured the turmoil accompanied by my parents’ tumultuous relationship, as a child, I most times held an unfortunate ringside seat to the dysfunction that swarms the homes of

children living in the midst of parents whose relationships are thwarted with domestic violence.

This dysfunction as an adult would be developed into stymies that would cause me to self-

medicate in a variety of ways that would include various toxic relationships and the post-

trauma that would come from each of them.

While a success story on the outside, in my personal and professional life, I was met with

roadblock after roadblock that began to reveal to me that while I had titles, accolades, and

credentials there was a great part of me that needed much work. Furthermore, the scars that I had as a child begin to show up in the most unexpected places. As I begin to forge full throttle into roadblock after roadblock, it became evident that I needed to make some decisions and with those decisions some change.

I was able to quickly identify myself in these statistics, and if I hadn’t taken a stand and said

enough was enough, then the above would’ve been my end story. But thanks be unto God, He knew His purpose and calling was greater for me. I would now be using the pains of my past to bring awareness, to facilitate healing and wholeness to someone currently going through what I went through, or prevent them from going through it all together. I refused to let this generational curse continue. It was my goal to make it stop with me. After acknowledging the trauma and its effects, I took the needed steps to realign my life to maintain wholeness.

Early on in life, I would find great solace in writing. What started as an outlet to release the

things I witnessed, experienced, and endured would develop into a passion. As an author, my first book is called, “Forgotten, A Memoir” which gives an in-depth and personal account of a child’s journey that has grown up in a domestic violence home. My book is a tool to deliver transparency, awareness, healing, and hope, to those impacted by Childhood Domestic Violence and to give a voice to those who may similar stories. After what seemed like much tousling, many lessons, and bruised beyond human error ego, I decided to be better by doing the work and heal. In that healing, I realized that everything that has transpired in my life; good and bad, have been intentional for the Kingdom of Heaven. My talents, passions, career moves, and innate abilities were being orchestrated for my life purpose

Tiffany Mensah

Author | Childhood Domestic Violence Advocate

Cell: 480-492-0412 | Web:

IG: tiffanymauthor | FB: tiffanymauthor | T: tiffanymauthor

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