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I typically think that those of us that are suffering don’t always realize that we are, or that we have been. Does that resonate with anyone? Sometimes we grow so distant and so out of touch with who we are that we become hollow enough we feel we can reach inside our own hearts.

When I was 14, I was told I could never have children. And so, as a teen, I walked around mourning as adults would, yearning for babies I so desired but believed I’d never have. I had crazy health issues- at one point, I even bled non-stop for 11 months. I endured years of pain, health concerns, doctors’ visits- many that continued into my adulthood, with two surgeries, just last year.

I was married at 17, and by 19, almost immediately after getting off of birth control, I miraculously got pregnant with the baby I was told could never be conceived. And while I had all of the regular cravings and aversions, something wasn’t right. Throughout my pregnancy, my due date changed five times, I’d lost over 30 pounds, and the measurements never seemed to make sense. And because I was never expected to get pregnant in the first place, the conception date was never nailed down. I went to doctor appointments alone and this new baby in my belly hid during three different appointments when I tried to learn the gender.

Still, I was morning, mid-day, and night sick. I painted the guest-room-turned-nursery in pastel colors and filled an antique dresser with baby clothes and soft blankets. My due date changed again, to almost a full month past the original date. And at five and half months, on a Sunday afternoon, I felt my baby kick in the most crazy, intense way, like never before.

And then it stopped. I felt nothing else.

When I called to speak to the doctor, I was told that heavy women often feel all variations of intensity in baby movements; kicking or none was normal; just keep my next appointment.

At that next appointment, I learned I had a son. And my son had no heartbeat.

I learned that day that the child I was told I could never conceive; my wished for, wanted child, had died that Sunday. The kicking I had felt was likely during him fighting for his last moments as he suffocated due to sub-corneal hemorrhaging, yet I had had no bleeding. And instead of going to celebrate “It’s a boy,” I called our families to let them know I was being rushed to the hospital. I learned I was having a boy, then was questioned about what I wanted to do with his body after delivery.

And in that moment, I learned what being hollow feels like. If one could reach through their own chest and find “empty,” I have known that feeling too well.

I was taken for more tests to confirm my child had passed away. I was asked how I could sleep on my stomach by a nurse that didn’t know my child had passed. I was “comforted” by people that found they benefited from my loss.

My doctor came and opened a window of hope. He told me that God takes children that are perfect to be his angels before their feet even touch the earth. I was induced and delivered my stillborn son, Kristopher Isaac, the next morning. My silent son legally didn’t weigh enough to be given a birth/ death certificate. By law, he doesn’t exist. Yet, I felt him, named him, prayed for him, wept for him, wiped the blood from his eyes, counted his fingers and toes, and gave him away.

Words cannot begin to express how it feels to hold a lifeless child in your hands, yet it is because of him that I have been able to try again. The Lord has this intense way of rebuilding after breaking, and an undeniable way of knowing what he’s doing, even in our pain. Have you ever buried a child? Had one dissolve in your womb?

The doctor that gave me words of hope also advised me to get pregnant again immediately. My body suffered illness, false positives, eventually leading to two high-risk pregnancies, and eventually, these two amazing kids I’m so beyond blessed to have. I had two surgeries last summer to help heal my body, part of that also ensuring I’ll never have more children, and I didn’t realize until then that I was still hurting from loss… over 17 years ago.

For years, I pressed emotion and pain down into my belly, pretending life was okay. I wasn’t willing to heal, or even realizing healing needed to begin. I have these amazing children, yet there was still this pain that resonated deep within, and until I began to get very ill and very angry, did I realize what needed to be dug up and dealt with. Finality of surgery was heartbreaking and healing simultaneously, even though I had already known I’d never have more kids.

I would be a liar if I said life was easy or lacked suffering. But prayers from those that love me enough to pour into me when I simply couldn’t pour into myself are such blessings. God is a God of Love so beyond our understandings. Kristopher served his exact purpose while he was here. He showed me that life is filtered through hands of love, God’s hands. Despite how it often looks initially, my womb was opened, despite what doctors claimed. Life is often difficult and humbling, but situations must not define us. More so, when we truly look to who God is, we become overcomers. He makes no mistakes. And it’s okay to heal.

Jeremiah 17:14 (NIV)

14 Heal me, Lord, and I will be healed;

    save me and I will be saved,

    for you are the one I praise.

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PLEASE BRIEFLY INTRODUCE YOURSELF, SO THE READERS CAN GET TO KNOW YOU? I'm Divorced Mother of two grandmother of 5. I'm a International speaker, an Evangelist and the Owner of Driven 2 Empower U LLC.

HIGH POINT When I wrote my first book on how to stay on the journey regardless of the rage when I stopped baby sitting everyone else's dream vision and idea and gave birth to mines I felt the chains of bondage fall off of me. When I stopped giving other peoples more words that I gave God's words. When I stopped walking in my brokenness and did the work to heal myself and walk into my true authentic self.

LOW POINT In 2012 I got hurt at my job and my doctor said I was totally disabled I lost everything, i lost what little self esteem I had left. I was evicted, bankrupted. It started my long road of my homeless in other people's home. I felt like nothing and no one. How did I work my whole life and end up in this position I even found myself sharing a room with my youngest child while he was in his last year in high school before he went to college.

TURNING POINT My turning point was when God sent me on my Abraham experience from California to Savannah Georgia not knowing how or what I was going to do or where I was going to live all I knew I was tired of being sick and tired and I rolled off my bestfriend's coach and made that drive from California to Georgia not knowing what my furture holded all I knew was I was leaving my past. God told me to trust him and I decided to let him to take the wheel and the car of my life because I was tired of the wrecks I was having with me behind the wheel of my life. Most people say they dont want to date someone with too much baggage when I left California I didn't have baggage I actually had a luggage store and each suit case had names to them low self esteem, domestic violence, molestation, abandonment, so many to mention and when I got to Savannah God placed me in a home with a family from Jamaica a husband and I wife and 2 children who I had never laid eyes on them until I moved into their home I was 50 years old. I had to share a room with a 7 year old with because God told me that I was immature from the inside up and he needed to grow me up fast and he did. I didn't know this was the journey that would change myself to my brokeness to my true authentic sel .



That everything in life happens for a reason, And the things that have happens to us in life has happened for us and not to us. That we need to be transparent and real so others can be healed and that im grateful for all the rejection, all the tears I have.


Becoming a international speaker and author while still living on my air mattress without losing my faith.


God keeps me inspired. I choose to not let myself down for the first time in my life and to find out who Willette is and who Willette is not and to delete the lies people have spoken into my life and the lies I have spoken over my own life.


To fall in love with themselves! To fall in love with all of themselves the good the bad and even the ugly. To forgive people who have hurt them and forgive themselves for the part they played in it or didn't play in their lives.


Driven 2 Empower U, LLC Because I'm Driven to Empower my clients to be the best version of themselves and to walk in their true authentic self no matter what they have experienced on their journey called life.

DO YOU HAVE ANY PRESENT OR FUTURE PROJECTS? Working to build my company and working on my third book.


REFLECTION Its part of the healing process and to embrace it.

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PLEASE BRIEFLY INTRODUCE YOURSELF, SO THE READERS CAN GET TO KNOW YOU? My name is Pastor Mrs. Veronica Anusionwu. I am happily married and a mother to two beautiful children. For the past 20 years, I have been writing healing books, specializing in healing and have had outstanding result with infertility.  Today I have written over 50 books on healing, infertility, miscarriage and relationship. I am the Founder of LWH Lords Word On Healing Christian Centre. Award-Winning Author Of Over 50 Books On Infertility, Health And Healing and relationship. TV Host Of Breaking The Bounds Of Human Infertility in London.

I have worked with couples from many nations of the world, helping them overcome their challenges in the area of health and fertility. My calling and ministry have been to teach women the power of the Word and how to use His Word to overcome barrenness as well as all affliction. You can find my ministry and numerous testimonies at  https://lwhhealingcentre.com/trying-to-become-pregnant/.

HIGH POINT / LOW POINT My miscarriage testimony I want to share the testimony of my miscarriage and how God used my pain to heal my life and send me towards a great healing ministry. It happened so suddenly. I was three months pregnant, very healthy, eating and drinking well. Everything seemed to be going on well with my pregnancy. On the night I miscarried I went to bed feeling okay. Then at about 5 a.m., I felt the urge to use the toilet. So, I got up and went into the bathroom. I sat on the toilet, and the next thing I saw was blood. I was bleeding profusely and had clots of blood falling out into the toilet. I did not need anyone to tell me I was having a miscarriage. In an instant, my baby was gone. The pain in my heart and my body was intense. Apart from my husband, no one else knew. I bore my grief alone. I wept and then began to pray. I asked God why so many women had miscarriages these days. I wanted an answer and wanted it fast. As I wept quietly before the Lord something happened. God spoke to my heart to write a healing book on overcoming miscarriages so that women could have healthy babies. when I wrote my book, Oh God Why All These Miscarriages?

TURNING POINT Little did I know this experience would launch me into a life-changing ministry. God anointed me to write healing books drawn from the Bible. This was the beginning of my calling to heal infertility. As I began to speak God's Word over myself, I conceived again very quickly. I began to use the healing promises of the Bible to speak life over my pregnancy. And everything progressed well. I went on to deliver a very healthy baby boy. He is a grown-up man now. Through this experience and my book, I was led to a healing ministry in which I have experienced the incredible joy of helping countless women around the world become pregnant and deliver healthy babies. Using all I have learnt from my own suffering and the Word of God; I have built a healing ministry today which helps not only women struggling to conceive or those who have had miscarriages to overcome but also helps men and women heal from sickness and afflictions of all sorts. I have also written over 50 books covering various topics like miscarriage, male and female infertility, relationship, marriage, job, immigration, etc. My central vocation is to teach men and women how to pray their way to breakthrough using the healing promises of Gods Word found in the Bible.

WHO WAS THE MOST INFLUENTIAL PERSON IN YOUR LIFE? My elder sister Grace Ugonna Ezekwem has always been my number one cheerleader. From the age of eight when she bought me my first Bible to this day, she has never stopped believing in me. She is always there for me, always giving me that special advice, that kind and encouraging word, always there to push me on towards my destiny.

WHAT DID YOU LEARN FROM THESE LIFE EXPERIENCES? What I have learned is so very simple yet so very daunting; it is to never to give up. When you have a dream or vision it will be tested. Trials will follow. It takes a lot to become successful in life. But if you don’t give up the time will come when you will succeed. My mission in life now is to encourage men and women and let those who are still grieving from the pain of infertility or miscarriage to never to give up. There is help that is available to you. The most powerful fertility treatment or healing treatment in the world is the Word of God revealed and applied to a situation. I have seen miracles over and over and over during my 25-year ministry. So many women have been blessed. I even had a woman in her mid 40’s who could not get pregnant and went on to have three children in three years by faith in God’s Word.

WHAT ARE YOU PROUDEST OF? I am most proud of these three things in my life. The strength that God gave me to hold on to unimaginable trials and still have faith in him. My husband Chima Anusionwu for his constant support and my children Sarah and Emmanuel who bring me such joy and hope.  I am also proud of what I have achieved. I was awarded a recognition award last year for my years of helping families across the world conceive. WHAT ARE YOUR MOTIVATIONS? My utmost motivation is to help the helpless and the despairing. I am at my best helping others achieve their dreams. My life’s purpose is to bring kind words of hope and restoration to those who are hurting and to teach them how to lift the obstacles in their lives by the Word of God. Over the years, I have seen God's word turn around the lives of many women who were deemed infertile or who have done everything they know to do in the natural realm and yet nothing has worked for them. My motivation is to help humankind break the bounds of human infertility by the power of the Spirit of God. Many people do not know that the promises in the Bible contain healing powers in them. When this knowledge was imparted to me, I immediately started quoting Biblical promises to family and friends who were sick and seeing healing results follow. I do want to underscore here that the Word of the Bible does not in any way, interfere with the wisdom and guidance of your doctor. The Word of God will work with the prescription of your doctor. It will help you see the truth and light that will guide you into all truth. My motivation is to help men and women experience the truth of God’s Word.

WHAT WISDOM WOULD YOU LIKE TO OFFER AS A SURVIVAL MAP TO OTHER WOMEN? After years of training in the harvest field of the Lord, the life-changing piece of advice I would like to give to women out there is: develop a strong spiritual relationship with God! Have a relationship with the Holy Spirit. Be sensitive to God’s leading. Read the Bible daily or as much as you can. Learn the promises God has provided for you. If you do not know what God has promised, how can you believe Him for the fulfilment of your desires and destiny? There is Life in God’s Word. I cannot repeat this last sentence enough. It is just like taking medication. The Bible says the Word is “medicine to all your flesh”. People tend to think this is some kind of metaphor. It is not. Take it literally. Also, learn to be honest in your dealings with God. Tell Him the truth about yourself. Don’t use other people’s words or prayers unless they express the true feelings of your heart. I would also like to add the following as a spiritual prescription: Be compassionate to others. Sow seeds of faith. Do not be selfish. Love a lot. All these things are the hallmark of someone who has a relationship with God. And when you live in and by God’s Word and abide in and by his Word, you will not fail.


I am a woman of God, a pastor, a wife, a mother, an author, a counsellor, a healer. I stand for God and I bring Him to the lives of all those He has led to me. I have three new directions I am planning to expand my ministry. First, I have a new project in the pipeline to start holding healing crusades across the world, bringing the healing gospel of Christ to many nations of the world. Secondly, I feel a strong calling to work particularly with the women of Africa. I now have lived most of my life in England, but I was born and raised in Africa and I feel that God is leading me towards devoting a portion of my healing ministry to the land of my origin. Finally, I have developed masterclass programs through which I hope to reach out and enable more men and women to develop their spiritual fortitude, knowledge, reliance and faith in the Word of God. To overcome infertility and miscarriage.


Instagram: helpforinfertility Youtube : HelpForInfertilityVAnusionwu Facebook:

https://www.facebook.com/veronica.anusionwu helpforinfertility.comV

lwhhealingcentre.com Masterclasses Help for female Infertility https://helpforinfertilitymasterclass.com/

God Has Not Forgotten You https://lwhhealingcentre.com/god-has-not-forgotten-you/

End Miscarriage And Embrace A full term baby http://endmiscarrage.com/

Email: v@helpforinfertility.com

For the person out there, who believes they have something great to give to the world. You will need to push beyond human ability to fulfil your God-given dream. You will absolutely and unquestionably need to rely on God’s Supernatural Powers. And He will be there for you at every turn. Only God knows how many tears I have cried. Even before a service, I often cry and wipe my eyes and go on to preach. Many a time, if I were moving in human strength, I would not even show up. If you are ready to do all you know to do, the superpower hand of God will carry you to your destination in His own time, in Jesus’ mighty name. In closing

I would like to express my gratefulness to MY STORY THE MAGAZINE for giving me the opportunity to share my story. It has been a joy for me to partake in this interview

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