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Guest Contributor Agreement

The Guest Contributor Agreement is made by and between ( MY STORY THE MAGAZINE) and Guest Contributor ( also Writer), for providing content by writer for publication on organization’s internet website, MY STORY THE MAGAZINE .com (site).

Guest Contributor’s Rights and Responsibilities:

  1. Guest Contributor agrees to act as an independent contractor.

  2. Guest Contributor agrees to submit an original article “Content” for the Site.

  3. Guest Contributor retains all rights to the Content, including copyright. Writer provides to the Site and grants THE STORY THE MAGAZINE the non-exclusive, worldwide right to publish writer’s content and distribute all or portions of the Content in any language, worldwide.

  4. Guest Contributor grants THE STORY THE MAGAZINE the right to use writer’s (Guest Contributor) name, information about writer, and writer’s logo if applicable in connection with writer’s Content.

  5. Guest Contributor agrees to cooperate in the defense of any MY STORY THE MAGAZINE legal actions against MY STORY THE MAGAZINE from the publication of the Content. Guest Contributor agrees to reveal to MY STORY THE MAGAZINE any actual or potential conflict of interest, including but not limited to any financial interest in any product, firm, or commercial venture relating to the subject of Content.

  6. MY STORY THE MAGAZINE may illustrate the Content. Writer grants MY STORY THE MAGAZINE the right to edit the Content for publication.

Guest Writer’s Representations and Warranties:

  1. Guest Contributor represents and warrants that all Content writer provides is original and created by writer.

  2. Guest Contributor represents and warrants that all Content writer provides is the sole property of MY STORY THE MAGAZINE and does not violate the copyright, patent, trademark, right of privacy or publicity, or of any person or entity.

  3. Guest Contributor represents and warrants that writer’s Content does not knowingly contain untrue statements and that all statements in the Content that are asserted as facts are true and /or based upon reasonable research for accuracy.

MY STORY THE MAGAZINE reserves the right to refuse, at its discretion, to upload Writer’s Content on our Site. This agreement is governed by the laws of the State of  GEORGIA.

By submitting Content to Refreshed Women, writer indicates acceptance of these terms.

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