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I am Cortne Lee Smith a Grief Strategist, Certified Relationship and Life Coach.

Take a walk with me down memory lane over my last eight years that created the New Me. Part of what fuels me to drive on is a sense of gratitude for getting what I consider my second chance at love and life after losing my husband to cancer and battling depression. 

Unapologetic about my faith in God. My New Walk In 2012 the beginning process of my grief and recovery, I never stopped helping others.. Soon, another life changing event served as the catalyst for the beginning of the coaching business. I found myself out of work for 8 months with a shoulder injury and ankle injury. Returning to work for about 6 months.  Ultimately, I decided to seek disabilty retirement in 2015 . A new physical and spiritual faithwalk began.I decided to walk away from the Victim position into my Victory.

 As part of this journey, I picked up some equipment to empower widows/widowers to find Peace with the Pain; which was an integral part of my ride to becoming a grief strategists.

My New Thoughts

God owed me nothing the gift was the time I was already given with my. No regrets, No remorse, No reverse had to get clear on moving into the new me.

The grace with which I handled my grief journey did not go unnoticed. A co-worker sought my advice on behalf of his brother who had just lost his wife.  The co-worker didn’t know what to say to his brother and thought I would be the best person for him to talk to.  Not wanting to embarrass his brother, the co-worker arranged for his brother to meet me under a different pretext. That meeting turned out to be serendipitous. We quickly bonded and helped each other through our grief.  We both embraced the love that bloomed in the process and married forty-five days later. I did turn out to be the BEST person for him to talk to for the rest of our lives together! Our union is an

I see my life 's work as a ministry #mediaminisyry, even though I don't speak from a pulpit on Sundays. I am always sharing the gospel.

My New Talk

After 20 years of teaching compliance to law enforcement speaking their legal jargon.